Über mich


I am a german artist from cologne. My current work consists in combining fine arts with streetwear. By using the existing, I try to unify sustainability with fashion and art. Every product turns into a unique fashion item constructed from recycled garments. By doing so, I hope to inspire others, both wearers and creators, as we develop. But primarily I want to show you how sustainability and fresh style are the coolest duo.

Each piece of clothing made by me is one of a kind. The slight imperfections that are found in this garment are there to remind you that this piece of clothing is yours, and yours alone. My design process is very personal, combining thorough reflection with unplanned intuition. My designs don't conform seasonal collections so I deliver in drops. This amps up the individuality and quality of my creations but also allows me to be spontaneous whenever I am feeling funky.

Consume different.